PITTI STORE is the online store of COUNT ROBERT PITTI products: wine, craft beer and extra-virgin olive oil produced in Torre a Cenaia Estate or carefully selected from other producers of excellence. The Count, a descendant of the noble Florentine family of Pitti, was born in the Estate: for this reason, he has decided to give to Torre a Cenaia his name and the noble coat of arms of his family with the denomination "Cenaja Ancient Pitti Property".
Pitti Wines are the homage of Tenuta Agricola Torre a Cenaia to the Count Robert Pitti and his passionate commitment to the Tuscan wine and to our territory. He started the production of these wines in Torre a Cenaia, realizing the large potentiality of this generous land. Inspired by him and the history of the prestigious Pitti Family, our wines are produced under the supervision of a great figure of Italian wine, the oenlogist Graziana Grassini. In this wealth of history, culture and culinary excellence typical of Made in Italy, we can find also Terzi Coppini Franciacorta and Conti Pitti Ferrandi Montalcino wines, a new homage to Count Rober Pitti by the Family Terzi Coppini, current owners of the Estate.
Not only wine in the Ancient Property of Pitti, but also craft beer! J63 Craft Agricultural Beer was born in a country house in the heart of the ancient village of Torre a Cenaia Estate. It has its strong point in the use of raw materials at zero distance and in the skillful creativity of the Master Brewer. J63 Beer is a craft beer, so it’s not pasteurized neither filtered, and it’s brewed with barley grown in the fields of the Estate itself. By virtue of this, Torre a Cenaia is a member of the COBI - Italian Consortium of Producers of Beer and Barley - and its beers are defined Agricultural and they are identified by the mark BIRRAGRICOLA issued by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, as you can see in the back label of each bottle.

The name and the project of J63 Craft Agricultural Brewery are deeply connected to the history of the territory in which it is located. J as Julia, the girl and martyr, then saint of Livorno, whose holy body was stolen from Corsica and brought to Brescia. During her journey, in 763 AD, Julia reached the ancient village of Torre a Cenaia, where she stopped for a night. 63 is a recurring number in the history of the Torre a Cenaia: first of all, it’s the house number of the Brewery, then the holy body of Julia arrived in the ancient Cenaja in 763 AD; then, in 1463 Luca Pitti, ancestor of the Count Robert Pitti of Cenaja, was appointed Captain of the Commons and he acquired in his coat of arms the Red Cross that today distinguishes the brand and the products of Torre a Cenaia.
The Count Robert Pitti brand products are only a small part of the experience of Tuscan Living that we invite you to experience visiting Torre a Cenaia Estate , ancient property of Count Robert Pitti. Winery and Brewery, zero kilometer restaurants, wine and craft beer tasting, carriage tours in the Tuscan countryside and much more!

Via Livornese, 55 – 56042 Cenaia (PI)
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